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What every business must do (and designers even more so)

What every business must do (and designers more often) by Tracey Grady

What should all businesses do at least once, and do properly, and (like the title of this blog post suggests) designers need to do repeatedly? The answer is: Understanding the target market they’re catering to. Sure, that makes sense—but why are graphic designers any different? Why do this repeatedly? When you’re in business, you’re in the […]

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How not to overwhelm people

How not to overwhelm people - by Tracey Grady

When you’re putting together information (for customers, or your target audience) how much is too much? Details, details. Is it better to go light or heavy on the details? You want to be open and forthcoming with information, but on the other hand you don’t want to overwhelm people, do you? Here’s a good way to […]

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Recent Work: TADTas website

TADTas website by Tracey Grady Design

The internet holds a lot of potential for non-profits to get their message out, build an audience and raise money. Using the web to tell stories about helping people in need can be very effective for a non-profit organisation looking for new avenues to generate income and build support in other ways such as a […]

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How to restart a blog after five years

Typewriting on a bed: Tracey Grady Design Blog

This is not the post I had planned for resuming my blog. I had in mind a lengthy article about design and its role in communication at this point in digital evolution. Deep. Thought-provoking. But I know that it’s better to start with ideas that are a little less ambitious in scope. Plus, to tell you […]

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Keeping a Creative Journal

Fountain pen and ink

I’m going to share one of the most important tools I have used for my work over many years: a journal of creative ideas. Keeping this journal is a habit I am glad to have developed early in my life; for me it has been a useful and rewarding form of professional development.

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Design Inspiration: Pattern-Style Drawings & Busy Illustrations

Guilherme Marconi

The crossover between line illustrations and patterns is a trend that’s been developing for a few years. It’s playful, and frequently naive in style. What’s especially interesting is how this style of illustration is successfully being applied across a broad range of design media, from murals and wallpaper to packaging, from t-shirt designs to the […]

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What design really sticks in your mind?

Man's head in silhouette

When was the last time you saw a piece of design which really ‘clicked’: where, for whatever reason, you felt such a connection that a little photographic impression of it has been etched inside your brain ever since? Have you even realised it was happening? I recently discovered that those questions can (and in my […]

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Window-shopping: the Future of Design?

Shopping mall

Graphic design is a fast-moving industry, and one of the biggest trends in recent times has been the emergence of “try-before-you-buy”: crowd-sourcing companies and ready-made design retailers. These companies allow prospective buyers to view designs before paying any money, and the asking price is almost always low. That’s very attractive to a particular type of […]

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What are the worst conditions your design can handle?

Billboard poster falling down

I know nothing about Hungarian politics, but that doesn’t matter; I just love this photo and the story it tells. Someone tried to rip down this billboard poster of a political candidate, only the discover that the previous poster, concealed underneath, was another advertisement for the same person’s campaign! It shows great irony and I […]

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How twitter broadens my horizons

How Twitter Broadens My Horizons: Tracey Grady Design Blog

Like many designers, I gain lots of inspiration (large volumes of it, in fact) by going online and looking at the work of others. There are plenty of websites set up to showcase design, but I’m finding that one of the nicest ways to come across great work is through twitter. When I joined twitter, […]

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