Design Inspiration: Pattern-Style Drawings & Busy Illustrations

The crossover between line illustrations and patterns is a trend that’s been developing for a few years. It’s playful, and frequently naive in style. What’s especially interesting is how this style of illustration is successfully being applied across a broad range of design media, from murals and wallpaper to packaging, from t-shirt designs to the […]

How twitter broadens my horizons

Like many designers, I gain lots of inspiration (large volumes of it, in fact) by going online and looking at the work of others. There are plenty of websites set up to showcase design, but I’m finding that one of the nicest ways to come across great work is through twitter. When I joined twitter, […]

More Fantastic Illustration Resources

Learning how to draw, from the basics to the finer points of illustration, is a popular activity which brings a lot of people online searching for as much information as they can find. A few months ago I wrote about some great drawing tutorial sites I had found, and that post continues to send a […]

Great drawing tutorial sites

The internet is a fantastic resource if you want to improve your Photoshop or Illustrator skills. These days there is a big range of quality sites devoted to tutorials for major graphics software. I thought it was time to look at what’s available online for people who want to get back to basics and brush […]