Website Checklist: What You Need to Get Your Site Launched

image by alibree I find checklists useful when I’m planning a new project on a big scale, and let’s face it: a lot of websites fall into the category of big projects! I’ve compiled this checklist to assist anyone who’s planning to get a website for their business or professional activities. It helps to have […]

What design really sticks in your mind?

image by VoxEfx When was the last time you saw a piece of design which really ‘clicked': where, for whatever reason, you felt such a connection that a little photographic impression of it has been etched inside your brain ever since? Have you even realised it was happening? I recently discovered that those questions can […]

What are the worst conditions your design can handle?

image by Diana Lili M I know nothing about Hungarian politics, but that doesn’t matter; I just love this photo and the story it tells. Someone tried to rip down this billboard poster of a political candidate, only the discover that the previous poster, concealed underneath, was another advertisement for the same person’s campaign! It […]

How twitter broadens my horizons

Like many designers, I gain lots of inspiration (large volumes of it, in fact) by going online and looking at the work of others. There are plenty of websites set up to showcase design, but I’m finding that one of the nicest ways to come across great work is through twitter. When I joined twitter, […]

Fundamentals of good design: Colour schemes

The importance of colour in design can never be overstated. Colour choices influence mood, emotion and tone; a carefully chosen colour scheme can clearly express a specific design style. When I begin work on a new design project, I usually work at length on creating a good colour scheme. You’ll find more detail on this […]

Fresh ideas for creating seamless websites

When I wrote about seamless websites it was done with the intention to showcase designs which I thought were cleverly bridging the gap between designing for small and large resolution computer screens. It proved to be a very popular topic, one of the most popular to date on this blog. I’m revisiting the subject now […]

One thing blog designers must have

Image by kevindooley Designing for blogs, creating blog themes and building websites with Content Management Systems (CMS) make up probably the fastest growing aspect of web design. The measure of a web designer who is keeping their skills up to date is that they offer at least one of these services. A good web designer […]

Irresistible Websites Part Four: Energy

What gives a website design energy? The way I see it, a website displays energy if the design is not only well crafted but also generates its own atmosphere. The design elements may be simple (even minimalist) or bursting with detail, but with one aspect in common: they create an ambience based on a sense […]

Irresistible Websites Part Three: Textures

Since the early days of the web, designers have looked for ways to improve on the very flat nature of the medium. Textures are one way to create depth without a site becoming very graphics-heavy. The third part in this series on irresistible websites looks at the use of textures and layering as appealing design […]

Irresistible Websites Part Two: Playful Sites

When it comes to web style, playful is very, very popular. Cartoonish vector landscapes, cuter-than-cute site mascots and retro typography are popping up all over the place. And it’s not only the designers who are having fun: Flash and Javascript, when used well, can also create an interactive space which compels you to keep clicking.

Irresistible Websites: Part One

What makes a website irresistible? In other words, what visual elements are most successful in enticing the viewer to take a closer look? This post begins a series looking at websites employing striking design techniques to attract visitors. To better understand the factors at play in the range of sites featured, each post will focus […]

Beijing 2008 website

For the next two weeks this website can expect to get among the highest traffic numbers on the planet. It’s the official website for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Competition schedules, results, video highlights will all be available here, as you’d expect from the online presence for a world-class sporting event (and this is the […]

When RSS doesn’t play nice

In case it seems like my little corner of the RSS reader has gone quiet in recent times, I want to assure you that it’s not entirely true. My RSS feed is causing some problems; this appears to have been prompted by a new redirect from my RSS URL to Feedburner. I have raised the […]

10 seamless website designs

One of the challenges in designing websites is to create a layout which takes into account all the different screen sizes at which it may be viewed. Some websites use fluid layouts (where sections of content will automatically resize to fit the screen dimensions) to get around this. Not all designers want to work with […]

Reasons to keep your web portfolio short and sweet

The common wisdom for compiling a strong design portfolio is that you should limit the size to around a 10-15 samples of your work (give or take a few). I have perused a lot of design portfolios online, and it’s interesting to see how many break this rule.